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Password Vault Manager can either be downloaded as setup files, or as a compressed (zip) file containing the binaries.




Depending on the downloaded media, either run the setup, or extract the files from the archive in any folder and launch the executable.




You have a 30 day trial of the Enterprise edition. If you possess a purchased license of the Enterprise Edition, please follow the instructions at Register Enterprise Edition.


Data Source


By default, a local data source has been created beforehand using the SQLite format. You may add as many data sources as needed. Please refer to Data Sources for more information.


Terminal Services


Password Vault Manager can also be installed on a Terminal Server, but to prevent loss of user settings, we recommend that you install the application in any folder except "Program Files" or "Program Files (x86)". The configuration and the default data source are created in this folder instead of the "Local Application Settings" folder.


Please see Configuration File Location for more information.