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Auto Fill



The Auto Fill feature enters the user name and password defined in a entry into the web site login controls.  For this feature to work you need to have a browser extension installed and configured properly. The most popular Windows based browsers are supported: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer.




Refer to these topics for the browser of choice. You can use many of them concurrently without causing issues in Password Vault Manager.


Chrome Extension

Firefox Extension

IE Extension


Creating Data Entries


Web and Account entry types both support Auto Fill. They must however be configured to allow web browser extension links. The URL field must be the URL of the login page for the given webpage (Ex. You must also enable the Enable web browser extension link option.






Information entries must be marked (checked) as Enable web browser extension link for auto fill feature to work.


If Password Vault Manager is configured with multiple data sources only the currently active data source will be queried.


When multiple data entries match the web site Password Vault Manager will prompt for you to select a specific data entry.