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Microsoft Access Data Source




Password Vault Manager saves the settings in a Microsoft Access database, located on the local machine or on a network share.


Microsoft Access is a pseudo relational database management system from Microsoft, which combines the relational Microsoft Jet Database Engine with a graphical user interface and software development tools.




This data source supports the native Access database password (Note that the password must be set using Microsoft Access directly. Password Vault Manager does not allow you to set or change the database, because it requires an exclusive connection to it)

The Offline Mode is supported by this data source

The database can be shared by multiple users on a network drive, but the performance and the data integrity can't be guaranteed

The Online Backup Service is available for this data source



This data source is not recommended since Microsoft has stopped providing support in the newest Windows version.



Entering a database password when creating the physical file has no effect. You must use Microsoft Access to set the password in the database file.






Microsoft Access - Connection tab

Microsoft Access - Connection tab





Name of the data source.


Indicate the destination folder including the data source file name. This needs to be an .mdb file extension.

Database password

Password to open the database. The application will not set the password. It needs to be applied with another tool like Microsoft Access directly.

Always ask password

Always ask for password when connecting to the data source.

Two factor

Enable the 2-Factor Authentication to access your data source.




Microsoft Access - Backup

Microsoft Access - Backup





Select between:

None: No backup of your data source will be created.

Online Backup: An Online Backup (using Online Backup Service) will automatically be created.

Save to file: Your backup will be saved to a chosen file but will not automatically do backup every 30 seconds.

Backup name

Specify the backup name that will allow you to automatically save your sessions in a safe online storage space and restore them in the event of problems.




Microsoft Access - Advanced tab

Microsoft Access - Advanced tab





Set the data source in read only. No new entry can be created and the existing data cannot be edit.

Allow offline mode

Allow the data source to be used in Offline Mode.