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Offline Read/Write



Offline read/write enables the user to perform add, updates and deletion while the data source is offline. Those changes are saved locally and synced back to the data source once the data source becomes available.



Not all functionality of Password Vault Manager is enabled while offline. Even when in read/write access mode, you may not be able to perform all actions. Note that the Private Vault feature is available in offline mode.


Once offline, the users security still applies. Add/Edit/Delete privileges granted by the administrator are respected. See User Management.


Offline Edits Workflow


Connect to the data source.

Go offline. The fastest method is to use File - Go Offline, other methods will need to wait for a timeout.

Edit any connection

Use File - Go Online.


You will be prompted with:


Offline Edits - Synch change

Offline Edits - Synch change


Use this dialog to accept/reject your offline changes.


You can use the Compare action to have a side by side comparison of your changes with the current live entry.


Entries will be marked:


Accept - when no changes have been detected.

Conflict - when changes have been detected since you were last connected.