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Online Drive Data Source



Please consult topic Online Drive for information on this service.






Devolutions Online Drive - Connection tab

Devolutions Online Drive - Connection tab





Name of the data source.

Use default Remote Desktop Manager Online credentials

Use the credentials from your Devolutions Cloud account. You need to be connected with this account in File - Online Account.


Contains the email address associated with the Devolutions Cloud account.


Password used to access the Devolutions Cloud account.

Create a free account

Create a new Devolutions Cloud Online account.


Indicate the filename used to store the data on the data source.

Test Connection

Test the connection with Devolutions Online Drive to validate if the proper information has been provided.




Devolutions Online Drive - Backup tab

Devolutions Online Drive - Backup tab





Select between:

None: No data source backup will be created.

Online Backup: An Online Backup (using Online Backup Service) will automatically be created.

Save to file: Your backup will be saved to a chosen file but will not automatically proceed with a backup every 30 seconds.

Backup name

Specify the backup name that will allow you to automatically save your sessions in a safe online storage space and easily restore it if encountering any issues.




Devolutions Online Drive - Advanced tab

Devolutions Online Drive - Advanced tab




Disable reveal password

Disable the reveal password feature when a user access this data source.

Allow offline mode

Allows the data source to be used in Offline Mode.

Always ask master key

Always ask for the master key when connecting to the data source.

Allow custom images

Allows the user to use custom images.

Auto refresh

Set the interval to use between each automatic refresh.

Service type

Select your service type between:

Default (the default is the option defined in the File - Option - Cloud)

Web API client

Web service client

Clear Offline Cache

Clear the offline cache on your computer. This can be very helpful when encountering offline issues.