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SQLite Data Source




Password Vault Manager SQLite data source is ideal for single user stand alone situations. More powerful and more flexible than the XML file format, it also supports a few of the advanced data source options like Logs and Attachments.




Full connection log and attachments support

The Online Backup Service is available for this data source



All passwords are encrypted by default by Password Vault Manager. You can specify a custom password to fully encrypt the content of the SQLite database.



Password recovery is not possible, the data will be unrecoverable if you cannot authenticate. Please ensure you backup the password in a safe place.



SQLite supports an unlimited number of simultaneous readers, but will only allow one writer at any instant in time. For this reason Password Vault Manager does not support sharing a SQLite data source between several users by storing it on a network drive. If you want to share your data and work in a team environment with your colleagues, please use one of the Advanced Data Sources. Please consult for more information.


Password management


You can specify a password to further encrypt your data. Specify it at creation time. If the data source already exists you can modify the password by using the File - Manage Password dialog.


Change or clear the password of an SQLite data source.


Manage Data Source password

Manage Data Source password






SQLite- Connection tab

SQLite- Connection tab





Name of the data source.


Indicates the filename of the SQLite database (.db).


Password used to access the data source.

Always ask password

Always ask for the password when connecting to the data source.

Two factor

Enable the 2-Factor Authentication to access your data source.




SQLite - Backup

SQLite - Backup





Select between:

None: No data source backup will be created.

Online Backup: An Online Backup (using Online Backup Service) will automatically be created.

Save to file: Your backup will be saved to a chosen file but will not automatically proceed with a backup every 30 seconds.

Backup name

Specify the backup name that will allow you to automatically save your sessions in a safe online storage space and easily restore it if encountering any issues.




SQLite - Advanced tab

SQLite - Advanced tab




Auto refresh

Set the interval for the automatic refresh.

Command timeout

Waiting time before a command timeout.

Disable reveal password

Disable the reveal password feature when a user access this data source.

Disable caching

Entries will be reloaded in Simple mode in the data source.

Advanced Settings

Use to directly modify the connection string value.




SQLite - Maintenance tab

SQLite - Maintenance tab




Manage SQLite File

Allows you to analyze, clean or repair your SQLite file.


Used to compress and clean up the current database file.