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Batch Edit



Batch Edit is used to change the settings of multiple entries in one operation. This option can be found in the entry context menu and in the Edit ribbon. It can be used for example to remove or update all of the credentials of a group of sessions.


Edit - Batch Edit

Edit - Batch Edit


You can change:


the Host name;

the credentials;

reset passwords;

the local specific settings (if using a local data source); or

the assigned security group (if using an advanced data source)


Simple, yet effective


You can multi-select entries by using the usual CTRL, SHIFT, mouse clicks, etc. For a method with a little more power, use our Advanced Search dialog, accessible from View - Advanced Search. The Advanced Search allows you to select multiple criteria at once.


Advanced Search

Advanced Search


After you have tweaked your criteria to get the results you want, press on Select in Navigation Pane and then Edit - Batch Edit.




Change Saved Host Name


Change Saved Host name is used to change multiple host names simultaneously.


Batch Edit - Change Host Names

Batch Edit - Change Host Names


Change Saved Credentials


You can change the configured credentials for multiple sessions in a batch.


Batch Edit - Change your credentials

Batch Edit - Change your credentials





Use specified credentials

Use a specific user name, password and domain.

Use credential repository

Use a Credential entry linked entry which can can be external credentials like KeePass for example. This is very useful for sharing or reusing existing credentials among entries.

Use inherited

Inherit the credentials of the parent entry or group.

Use my personal credentials

This allows you to use one set of credentials to replace or emulate the ones from your Windows session. See My Personal Credentials topic.

Use private vault search

Enter the search string of your private vault.


No credential will be define for the entry, you will be prompted for credentials every time you connect.


Reset All Saved Credentials


This will clear the existing credentials for all the selected sessions.


Reset All Saved Passwords


This will clear the existing passwords for all the selected sessions.


User-specific Settings


User-specific settings can be modified in a batch if they're supported by the type of session. To change user-specific sessions go to Batch Edit - Edit Sessions (User Settings)...


Batch edit - User specific settings

Batch edit - User specific settings


Security Group


To apply a new security group to multiple sessions, use the menu Batch Edit - Edit Sessions (Security Group)...


Batch Edit - Security Group

Batch Edit - Security Group


Batch Actions


For more information on the Batch Actions please follow this link.