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Override Credentials allows you to specify other credentials than the ones that are stored in an entry. You can choose from multiple sources according to your security practices and policies.



The Credentials override is available on all entry types.




Credentials User Specific Settings

Credentials User Specific Settings


Depending on the type of entry being selected, the following choices are offered.





Use a specific User name, Domain and Password

Existing credential entry

Use an existing credential entry

Embedded credential entry

Use an Embedded credentials

My personal credentials

Use the credentials stored in My Personal Credentials

Private Vault credential entry

Use an entry from your Private Vault (Note 1)




1.The Private Vault credential entry is only available under the following conditions:


1.1.The Private Vault is available for your data source, please consult Private Vault;

1.2.You are overriding at the folder level;

1.3.You are overriding a session that is itself in the Private Vault.