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Export Report



The Export Reports is a way to execute and export reports through a command line. You can use this feature in a shortcut or in a batch file and use the Windows task scheduler to execute it.


You will be able to export your report for every report except for the Entry List, Password Usage and Security Group.



You must have the rights to run report in Remote Desktop Manager to use this feature.




You will have to start with exporting your report settings to create the .rdr file that the command line use to generate the reports.


1. Select your Report in Administrations - Report and then select the option Export Settings. It will create an .rdr file containing all your report settings.


Export Settings

Export Settings


2. In your Windows Command Prompt enter the following command line:


C:\*** /DataSource:*** /report:***/reportoutput:"***" /reportsettings:"***.rdr" /closeapp





Enter the path used to start your Remote Desktop Manager application (path of the RemoteDesktopManager.exe file)


Specify the data source ID.


Specify the type of report to generate or the report ID.


Specify the path to save your report and the name for the newly generated report.


Specify the path of your report settings file (.rdr).


This command will close the Remote Desktop Manager  if the application  was started from a command line. If Remote Desktop Manager was already open before launching the command it won't close the application.


To find your Data Source ID and the Command Line use to start Remote Desktop Manager you must edit one of your entry and select the Advanced side menu.


Entry Advanced side menu

Entry Advanced side menu


To find your Report ID go in Administration - Report and select the report to generate. Clicking on the ID will automatically copy the ID number.


Entry Information Report ID

Entry Information Report ID


Here is a list of types of Reports you can find in Remote Desktop Manager and the name to enter in the command line to generate the report:


Report type in Remote Desktop Manager

Report name (type) to insert in the Command line

Entry Information


Entry Status


Duplicate Entries


Expiration Schedule


Expired Entry List


Expired Passports


Expired Softwares


Expired Warranties


Password Complexity


Password Analyzer



Here is an example of a command line for an Entry Information Report:


C:\Program Files (x86)\Devolutions\Remote Desktop Manager\RemoteDesktopManager.exe /DataSource:8a4f2f70-5e8a-4d6c-9c7b-119080a4c879 /report:EntryInformation 

/reportoutput:C:\dev\devolutions\Rapport\rapportEntry /reportsettings:C:\dev\devolutions\Rapport\SettingsEntryInformation.rdr /closeapp