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Use the File - Options - Advanced tab to control application behavior as it pertains to low level settings.


Options - Advanced

Options - Advanced








Debug level

Set the level of debugging information that Password Vault Manager captures. This should only be modified when requested from a Devolutions support technician as it might slow down your system.


The logs can be saved in a file or in a database file. Select between:

Both: Logs will be saved in a text file and in a database file.

Database: Logs will be saved in a file named RemoteDesktopManager.log.db. The file is located in the installation folder of the application.

File: Logs will be saved in a file named RemoteDesktopManager.log. The file is located in the installation folder of the application.


Other Options - Connections




Force refresh before edit entry

This will perform a refresh of the entry just before entering in edit mode. This is useful in a multi-user environment with a shared data source. This ensure that you are editing the most recent version of the entry.

Open shortcut session silent

Disable the command line warning message when using a shortcut.

Use NTFS Encryption for Offline mode

When using Offline Mode, a local file is created to hold a copy of the data source. If this is enabled the local file is encrypted using the built-in NTFS encryption of Windows. This setting may cause delays when accessing the data source because the local file is refreshed on every access.


Other Options - General




Allow multiple instances

Allows more than one instance of Password Vault Manager to run concurrently. This is not recommended.

Focus content on application activation

This will set focus on the last embedded session when the application is activated.

Use application directory for local play list

Use the installation folder to save the local play list that has been created.

Use application directory for offline cache

Use the installation folder to save the offline cache file.


Other Options - UI Options




Always show "Go Offline" button

It will always display the "Go Offline" button in the status bar when using the Offline Mode.

Disable custom images

Disable the loading of any custom images in the tree view. Too many custom images could dramatically increase the size of the data source thus increasing the load time.

Hide version label

Hide the version label of Password Vault Manager.

Use old entry sort

Use the old entry sort from previous version of Password Vault Manager.