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General Application Start



Use the File - Options - General - Application Start to control application startup settings.


General - Application Start

General - Application Start




Application startup




Focus list on startup

The focus will be set on the entry list when application starts.

Show Splash screen

Application will display the splash screen on startup.

Force show Navigation pane at startup

The Navigation pane list will be shown on start, even if it was hidden when the application was closed.

Startup window state

Indicate the display of the windows state at startup:

Last saved



Startup online state

Select your startup online state between:

Default: By default Password Vault Manager will open in online mode.

Automatically go offline: Automatically go in offline mode at startup


Auto update




Enable check for updates

Enable the automatic update verification for the whole data source.

Check for update at startup

Application will perform a verification for new releases availability.


Default setting, currently equals to All (Major and Minor Updates).

Important Updates Only (Major)

Application will only update the important new releases. (9.2, 10.6, 11.0, 11.1)

All (Major and Minor Updates)

Application will update to all new releases. Usually occurs once per month (11.0.7, 11.0.15, etc)

All Updates Including Beta

Application will update to all new releases, including ones tagged as Beta.