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Configuring an Entry



Each entry type contains its own unique settings. However, there are a few exceptions where common settings are shared.




Entry edition dialog

Entry edition dialog





The name of the entry displayed in the entry list.


Useful to organize your session in different folders, either in the tray icon context menu or in the tree view. Learn more here.

Security Group

In the Enterprise edition, allows the Administrator to assign a security group to an entry, and therefore limit a subset of users in viewing this entry. See User Management for more information.

View URL embedded

View the the entry Url web page. The Url will be used to navigate directly to the web site.


External: External mode sessions are opened as an external process.

Embedded/Tabbed mode: Runs within the parameters of the Password Vault Manager window, and displays the tabs at the top of the window.

Undocked: Launches a new window containing tabbed session. An Undocked browser allows the user to move beyond the confinements of the Password Vault Manager.

Open in modal window

When the display mode is in External mode you have the option of opening the browser in a modal window.

Primary monitor

If you have selected the Undocked or External mode in the display option you will be able to choose on which monitor to open your window:

Primary monitor: This is the monitor that is marked as "main display" in Window.

Secondary monitor: The other non-primary monitor, obsolete, use Monitor #1, 2, 3, 4 instead.

Current monitor: The monitor that Password Vault Manager is running in.

Configured: See Systems Options.

Default: Will not move the application, it will be Windows default mode.

Monitor #1: Monitor #1 is primary.

Monitor #2: Monitor #2 is primary.

Monitor #3: Monitor #3 is primary.

Monitor #4: Monitor #4 is primary.


Enter the Url web page for this entry. The Url will be used to navigate to the web site.

Machine name

Enter the machine name. Used to store the host name vs the DNS name.


Enter the employee name.


As well as the fields described above, additional tab pages contain many data fields and options for your sessions that are common to multiple entry.




Contains the following sections: Description, Other and Keywords/Tags. The entry description can be in plain text, in rich text format, or a website link.  


The security tab is used to determine whether passwords must meet predetermined complexity requirements that has been configured. Password Complexity requirements are enforced when passwords are changed or a new entry is created.


Contains different type of information related to the entry, such as the machine specifications, Computer, Contact, Custom Fields or some useful notes. Custom information can also be added.


Manages the entry's attachments. Used to add, edit and delete the linked files.  Please see Attachments Overview


Contains the session logs and other related options. For example, entering a comment when opening a session can be made mandatory. Please see Log Options


Contains advanced settings related to the entry, such as the internal data source ID and session ID. These values can be used to invoke Password Vault Manager from a command line to open the entry, or to run a batch modification.