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Creating a New Data Entry



The first step in using Password Vault Manager is to configure an entry. Password Vault Manager supports several entry types. You need to familiarize yourself with the entry type(s) you intend to configure. Click below to learn more about the following entry types:








Creating an Entry from the Context Menu


The simplest way to create a new entry is by using the New Entry key or from the Context Menu. Right-click on your folder and select New Entry from the menu in the main application window. The new entry window prompts you to select an entry type. Fill out the entry property to customize your settings.


Adding a New Entry

Adding a New Entry


Creating an Entry by Importing its Configuration


An entry can be imported by selecting File - Import, or by importing its configuration directly from any compatible applications supported by our importing tools. To learn more about importing, refer to the Import topic.


Import Entries

Import Entries