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Group/Folder Management



Groups or folders are used to logically organize your data entries.Password Vault Manager can create groups and sub groups that will automatically be sorted alphabetically.  


Groups are created in two different ways:


Via the entry properties

From the entry tree view


Creating Groups via the Data Entry Properties


Groups can be specified in the session properties. Simply fill in the field with the desired group name and Password Vault Manager will generate the corresponding tree structure. Use the backslash ( \ ) to create a sub group.


Creating Group/Folder

Creating Group/Folder


Basic group structure

Basic group structure


For example, "Office\Montreal\DC" will create three nodes in the tree:






Modified group structure with a new node

Modified group structure with a new node


Creating Groups


In the menu Edit - New Entry, select Group/Folder from the drop down menu.


Add Group/Folder

Add Group/Folder


The Add Group dialog box will then prompt you to enter the name of the group and apply a Security Group on it.



Group edition dialog


Once a group is created, you can add a data entry by using the menu, or by dragging its node directly to the content of the group.