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With the Clipboard you can quickly copy entries value such as the username and the password.




Data Entry (used to copy entries from one data source to another)


You can access the clipboard action via the Home - Clipboard ribbon bar or via the right-click menu Clipboard - ...


Home - Clipboard

Home - Clipboard


To access the User name and the Password from the clipboard, you must have entered the information in your session.



For security reasons, the clipboard will be cleared after 10 seconds when you copy a password. The delay can be configured via the system options, see Options for more information.




Copy/Paste entries


The Copy/Paste of an entry is also possible. Right-click on your entry and select Clipboard - Copy. Paste into a different data source or simply create a copy of an entry. It is a quick way to move/duplicate an item.


Copy/Paste an Entry

Copy/Paste an Entry


Copy Username and Password


The Copy Username and Password allows you to copy both the username and the password in a single action, pasting first the username and then the password by using our Paste once (secure) clipboard copy method. It is considerably more secure way to copy and paste your credential since your information will never be sitting in the internal copy buffer of the clipboard. You will only be able to paste once since the value will then be blocked from any further request.


Copy Username & Password in a Single Action

Copy Username & Password in a Single Action