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Command Line Arguments



Password Vault Manager can be launched using a command line.



Some features are only available in the Enterprise edition.


Usage: PasswordVaultManager.exe [parameters]



{filename [*.rdm,*.rdp]}

Open in embedded or external mode the connection from file name.


Execute the application minimized in a system tray icon. This option cannot be combined with other parameters.

/Datasource:{datasource id}

Specify the data source id (available in the Advanced Tab of the session).

/Session:{session ID};{session ID}...




Specify one or more session IDs (available in the Advanced Tab of the session)

/ChangePassword:{new password}

Change the session password. Only available for Remote Desktop sessions and embedded passwords. The data source ID and the session ID are required.

/RegisterUser:"{registration user}"

Change the Password Vault Manager username. The value must be in double quotes.

/RegisterSerial:"{serial number}"

Change the Password Vault Manager serial number. The value must be in double quotes.

/Template:{template ID}

/Host:{host name}




Open the template ID with the specified host name and an optional username/password.


The template ID is the Session ID of the template (available in the Advanced Tab of the template).


Starts the profiler at start of application. Good for profiling the start process.


Specify a tab title when using an embedded session.


Execute the application with the filter filled with a parameter.

/TabPage: Dashboard

The Dashboard is selected at startup of the application.




Example #1 - Open a template and connect to a host


PasswordVaultManager.exe /DataSource:178c2fda-dab4-4f41-98df-6e3205c0a011 /Template:a666b21b-1479-4eee-b482-0a3d561d2411 /Host:Windjammer-PC1


Example #2 - Open a session


RemoteDesktopManager.exe /DataSource:178c2fda-dab4-4f41-98df-6e3205c0a011 /Session:474bcbcf-d507-435b-8c0a-a9e868781910


Example #3 - Register the application


RemoteDesktopManager.exe /RegisterUser:"First name, Last name" /RegisterSerial:"xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx"