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Custom Installer Service




Generate and download custom installation packages for Password Vault Manager.

Include preconfigured data sources in the package for quick enterprise wide deployment.

Insert license serial in the installation package for easier management.

Download the installer as a Windows Installer (.MSI file) or as an executable (.EXE file).


The Custom Installer service, offered through our Devolutions Cloud services, replicates the configuration from a Password Vault Manager instance. This configuration is used to create an installer file (*.rdi), which will be used to create the installation package to distribute. The configuration can contain the license serial, data sources, credentials, shared templates, and more. It is a best practice to have a Password Vault Manager installation used specifically to create the installation package.



The Custom Installer Service uploads a configuration file to our online services. You should not use the service to redistribute passwords for data sources or a Online Database account.



Please note that you MUST create an installer file using Password Vault Manager before creating the installer on the Web portal. This is described in the Installer File Generation topic.


The Custom Installer service can be found in with the Cloud Account tools, located in File - Cloud Account - Tools.




The following topics will help you get started to set up your customized installers with Password Vault Manager.


Create an Installation Package

Installer File Generation

Option Selection Dialog