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Options User Interface



Use the File - Options - User Interface  to customize the display of the Password Vault Manager User Interface.


Options - User Interface

Options - User Interface








User Interface

Indicate the user interface mode:

Default (Ribbon)

Default (Menu)


Select between different theme for the user interface:



Office 2013

Office 2016

Office 2016 (Dark)


Select your preferred language for the user interface.

Data source location

Select the position of your data source selection drop down:

Status bar

Navigation Pane (top)

Navigation Pane (bottom)


Wait progress mode

Display the wait progress information in a Window or Status bar. You can disable the wait progress by selecting None.

Use touch UI

Password Vault Manager will be display and can be use with a touch User Interface.



The Data Source Location None setting is not supported in the Classic UI mode.






Always on top

Keeps the application on top of all others.

Disable display scaling on high DPI settings

Disable scaling on high DPI in Password Vault Manager

Hide follow us

Hide the Follow Us section in the Help menu (Help - Follow Us).

Show favorite icon in list

Favorite icon is overlaid on your session icon.

Show welcome page at start up

Show the welcome page when opening Password Vault Manager.

Use classic tray icon

Use the classic trayicon even if chosen the Ribbon or Menu User Interface.

Use mouse hover to show/hide panels

Use the mouse to show panel when hovering over it.

Use tab strip overflow (disable multiline tab pages)

When there are too many active tabs for the width of the application, having this option checked will result in a new line of tabs to appear. If unchecked then arrows will appear to indicate more tabs are present.