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Troubleshooting 2-Factor Authentication



With Google Authenticator, you are getting an Invalid Password error even though you are sure of entering the proper one.


The computer clock must be within a small error margin in order to generate the proper authenticator code. We recommend using a NNTP server in order to keep your computer clock synchronized.


You have lost the device


Your Password Vault Manager is set to authenticate with Yubikey or Google Authenticator. You no longer have the Yubikey key or the Google Authenticator and you want to turn off this option to connect on Password Vault Manager.


If you had install it using the default settings, the configuration file is %localappdata%\Devolutions\PasswordVaultManager\PasswordVaultManager.cfg


You can choose to simply delete it, obviously all of your settings will be lost, alternatively you can open it and remove everything between the EncryptedDataSources tags. You will have to re-enter all of your data sources and point to either the file or database that you were using.