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User Interface Keyboard



Use the File - Options - User Interface - Keyboard to control how the application handles keyboard input.


Options - User Interface - Keyboard

Options - User Interface - Keyboard






On the left there are different shortcut categories. This lightens the screen and allows you to focus on less shortcuts at the same time.


To configure a keyboard shortcut for an action, two controls are provided.


Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts


The first drop down is for the scope of the keyboard shortcut.





Use default shortcut keys. Use the magnet in the status bar to disable the shortcut.

When not in session

Use the shortcut keys when the focus is not in a session.

Global hotkey

This create global window hot key. For example, you can use it to execute a macro when Password Vault Manager is not loaded.


Select the None item to remove any hot key for the corresponding action.


The second drop down is to determine the shortcut key combination.



Currently no validation is performed as to your usage of the same key combination for two actions.






Disable close on Escape key pressed

Pressing the Escape key while in a running session will not close it.

Disable open with Enter key

Pressing the Enter key while an entry is selected will not open it.

Filter the tree list only on enter key pressed

When typing in the tree list filter box, only apply the filter when the Enter key is pressed.