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User Interface Tree View



Use the File - Options - User Interface - Tree View to control application tree view.


User Interface - Tree View

User Interface - Tree View




Tree View




Tree view item height

Specify the height of individual items in the Tree view. Valid values are between 16 and 32.

Shortcut overlay

Select on which items the shortcut icon is visible. Choose between:



All except original


UI Options




Disable entry drag-and-drop

This setting disables moving entries with drag-and-drop. Enable this option to avoid any unwanted session created by drag-and-drop by mistake. If you do use the drag-and-drop a confirmation window will pop up every time making sure the move is wanted.

Include root in collapse all

By default the application has many root nodes in the tree view. i.e. Sessions, Credentials, Macros/Scripts/Tools. Collapsing the tree view will also collapse every root nodes if this option is enabled. Only the children of the current root are affected by the command when this option is not enabled.

Load sub-connection in tree view

Indicate if the sub connections appear under their parent in the tree view. You can use the sub-connection pane if you don't want them listed in the tree.

Merge credential list with sessions

Use this option if you want the credentials to appear within the list of Sessions instead of in their own root.

Tree view group (bottom)

This setting indicates if the Group/Folder entries are at the bottom of the list instead of appearing first under their parent.

Use bold font in tree view

Indicate if the root level items are displayed using the bold attribute.