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The Filter allows you to type in the Filter Dialog thus making an easy and quick search throughout your Navigation Pane. Select the ellipsis button to display the options.


Filter Dialog

Filter Dialog


The Search/filter below the entry list will also filter your entries in the Navigation Pane. Select the ellipsis button to display the options.







Select the ellipsis button to display the options.


Search/Filter options

Search/Filter options


The filter expression is matched against fields as selected in the filter options such as:









General Reference

Contact Information

Hardware Information

Sub Connections

Various Contact information fields (choose them in the sub menu)


A Search Type can be executed to include Contacts and Documents.


Search Type

Search Type


The Search Options will offer you the possibility to show only the favorites and/or make the search case sensitive.


Search Options

Search Options


Keyboard Shortcut


Use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+F to quickly have access to the Search/Filter control. This can be disabled in File - Options - User Interface - Keyboard.

You can set the focus back on the Navigation Pane by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+L, this also can be disable in the options.


Boolean Filter


Here a few implementation notes for the Boolean filter:


We use the C# nomenclature (&& for AND, || for OR)

Evaluated left-to-right

No parentheses matching

Double-quotes (") are not required or removed, they are part of the text filter, do not use them unless you are looking for a double-quote.

Leading/trailing white-spaces are trimmed


Examples (this will work)


Boise && Laptop


Boise  &&  Laptop

Baton Rouge || Boise && Laptop

Laptop && Baton Rouge


Examples (this will not work as expected)


Laptop && "Baton Rouge"

oWill work but filter for the string "Baton Rouge" and not the string Baton Rouge


Laptop && (Baton Rouge || Boise)

oWill work but filter for Laptop and the string (Baton Rouge || Boise)